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jeudi 24 février 2011

Food expressions with literal and figurative meanings (Part 1)

Upper crust
Literal meaning: the hardened exterior or surface of bread at the top of a loaf
Figurative meaning: The upper strata of society
e.g. The school is very elitist because only youngsters from the upper crust can afford to enroll

Hard to swallow
Literal meaning: food that is difficult to swallow
Figurative meaning: a fact or opinion that is difficult to accept or believe
e.g. He found it hard to swallow his dismissal from work.

Piece of cake
Literal meaning: a slice of cake
Figurative meaning: an easy task
e.g. She found the exam to be a piece of cake

Literal meaning: the flesh of an adult domestic bovine used as food
Figurative meaning: cause for complaint
e.g. I have a beef with my insurance company for not covering the cost of my accident.

Literal meaning: as much as a mouth will hold
Figurative meaning: a long word or phrase
e.g. “Bosnia and Herzegovina” is quite a mouthful

Bread and butter
Literal meaning: bread and butter
Figurative meaning: a person’s basic income, livelihood or source of food.

Bread-and-butter issue:  (politics) any issue, such as inflation or prices,
that affects ordinary people in their daily lives (Wictionary)

(as alike as) two peas in a pod
Literal meaning: a pod containing two peas
Figurative meaning: two persons very similar
e.g. You can tell they're sisters at a glance - they're like two peas in a pod.
Additional explanation: www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/as-alike-as-two-peas-in-a-pod.html

Literal meaning: a type of acid fruit
Figurative meaning: a defective product
e.g.  The car I bought was a lemon.

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