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lundi 26 avril 2010

Favorite Fad Diets – Part 1 – The Ice Cream Diet

Ce billet a été rédigé par Jacquie Bridonneau, que je remercie. La traduction en français sera publiée prochainement.

What can I say? Even if you don’t have a pound to shed, especially if you are female, this is something that no one ever believes. As spring has sprung finally after this long, cold winter, we all think we have to lose a few pounds or kilos depending upon where you happen to be living, and the more the merrier. Having to go and buy a smaller size of jeans is such a great feeling! And as an added cherry on this virtual cake that will no longer pass our lips, we all have a great choice of diets, which can be both fad diets, but that is certainly not saying that they won’t work, or more serious and medically approved diets. Today I am just going to present one fad diet in the US.

The bad thing about diets is they are so boring: eating is a pleasure, and being on a diet turns this basic pleasure into a chore. Not only that, but often you crave for something you know is forbidden, and this ends up not only making you either cheat or simply quit the diet, or rush to eat some of that forbidden fruit, more than you normally would have, as soon as you have the opportunity. Here is a diet that tries to help curb this craving, and it is called the “Ice Cream Diet.”

In the “Ice Cream Diet”, women are allowed to have a cup of ice cream per day, whereas men can have a cup and a half. So how can eating ice cream help you to lose weight? This diet claims that ice cream, when it is a part of a balanced diet, and of course that is the key phrase, will help you lose weight because it is full of calcium, which is good for your body, and by knowing that at the end of the day that cup or cup and a half of ice cream will be waiting for you, you will be able to stick to this 1,500 calorie per day diet for women, 2,000 calories for men. This means that most people will be having a calorie intake of – 300 to -500 calories per day, enough to lose 15 to 25 kilos per year! Exercise is highly recommended in this diet also not only to kick-start the body into burning more calories, but hopefully to change life-styles. This diet also claims to lower blood pressure and the risk of colon cancer.

This diet was invented by Holly McCord, MA, RD who is a dietician and writes for “Prevention” magazine, in a book rightly called, “The Ice Cream Diet.” This book can be purchased on Amazon.fr used for only 0.01 € plus 2.99 euros shipping – quite a bargain! There are of course a few riders on this diet: you should only choose ice cream with 125 calories per serving, and actually sit down and eat your scoop of ice cream in a dish – never dipping right into the pint or half gallon with your freezer open and the spoon in your hand! Thirty minutes of aerobic exercise is strongly recommended several times a week, combined with twenty minutes of strength training. But the book gives you ready to use daily menu suggestions, making this diet actually not too difficult to follow, and of course letting you chose your favorite scoop every day!

So what do you think? It sounds pretty good to me! I think I’m going to order it. As we say in the US, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”

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